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Free Feeling Poses are done! Chackaa! :D
I did a Marking Pack for Paint Horses! Hope you like it!
And a simple Pedigree Template (in many variations), free to use for everyone :)
Currently WIP - Trail Poses
Race Horse Pose Pack Nr. 2, with more Gallop Poses, starting and standing poses and some Steeplechase poses including accidents ;)

Groundwork for your horses! Inspired by Parelli, Brennaman, Aguilar and co.

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Sorry again for beeing so late, but RL was hard, and I didn't have much time to finish them. But now, enjoy!

Working on some groundwork poses, 

like Brennaman, Aguilar, Parelli and so on...
Hope you like them :) I think I'm done at this weekend ;)


An Alle Deutschen Leser

Wenn ihr Pferde liebt, selbst eines besitzt und gegen diese Steuer seit, dann BITTE unterzeichnet noch!

Lovelies, the Reining poses are nearly done.
In a few days I release them.

A first look at all included poses:

Hope you like it!

another pose pack is almost ready, Halter Poses for AQH :)

the second image is just the tiny one ;)
I'm sorry for telling you that the poses aren't uploaded yet, this is because I'm busy and need more time to finish them.

But I have some other content for you, something to past time a little bit ;)

Front Sling Boots, inspired by Qualcraft
Find under Tack
The Bell Boots are not included, you find them here:

And a Fjordhorse or Dun  marking Set
find under Markings-Full Body Markings
Hope you like it ;)

There will be an new Pose Pack in a few days! Some new Reining Poses :)

Welcome to the new and better Old Fellow Ranch.

Check out my creations and
have lots of fun :)