Race Horse Pose Pack Nr. 2, with more Gallop Poses, starting and standing poses and some Steeplechase poses including accidents ;)

Groundwork for your horses! Inspired by Parelli, Brennaman, Aguilar and co.

Click here for download

Sorry again for beeing so late, but RL was hard, and I didn't have much time to finish them. But now, enjoy!
4/27/2013 06:59:45 pm

im so in love with this poses! you are PERFECTLY in time, i was looking for poses like this right now and TDAAA! you got them! great job!

4/27/2013 10:02:50 pm

Could you PLEASE, send me a link to a place i can download blender? i cant find it ..

9/17/2013 05:04:55 am

como se descarga?


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